Your personal property investment coach

The Property Bloke will continually educate, coach and empower you. This continual education and mentoring is crucial to ensure you can make informed choices that will benefit your investment and financial goals. Discover our proven 10 step process to successful property investing.

Why Property?

The Property Bloke guides you with:

1. Setting financial goals
2. Assessing your investing power
3. Selecting the right home loan
4. Researching capital growth areas
5. Sourcing suitable property
6. Understanding tax benefits
7. Selecting appropriate insurances
8. Managing your investment property
9. Understanding and minimising potential risks
10. Forming an exit strategy

01. Planning - Setting financial goals

It is important to set financial goals at the beginning of the investment process. What is it you wish to achieve? How can you financially move into the property investment arena?

Your Property Bloke will work with you to gain a thorough appreciation of your financial goals, both for the long and short term. Once we understand your financial goals, we can start working together to make these a reality through a strategic property investment.

02. Assessing your investment power

One of the most important aspects of property investing is to ensure you do not financially over extend yourself.

With financial institutions lending more money with less deposits, it is easy to get caught in over extending your buying power, which can create financial stress down the track. Your Property Bloke will work with you to understand your leverage options and potential issues that may affect your property investment in the future. Understanding these potential problems early will help ensure a successful investment for years to come.


03. Choosing the right home loan

Selecting the right loan for your investment property can be hard when trying to navigate through the vast array of loan options available. Should I use a mortgage broker? Do I contact my bank? What loan is right for me?

The Property Bloke will educate you about all the options for sourcing and structuring your loan, so you can make the best decision for your circumstances.

04. Researching growth areas

When choosing a property to purchase for an investment, it is important to understand the potential of the performance of that property over the long term. Property Investing is different from choosing a property where you and your family are going to live. You must consider the existing infrastructure and other investments being made by government and private enterprises into the area.This impacts the potential for good quality tenants, rental increases and future capital growth.

Your Property Bloke thoroughly researches potential growth areas. This is a major part of the value that the Property Bloke offers to investors. Think about the time it takes to visit many different areas, gather information and then study and track them over time, analysing the opportunities. This is the Property Bloke’s special knowledge base, and you benefit from that knowledge.

05. Sourcing suitable property

When investing in property, there are many factors that must be considered before making a purchase. Just like the research into geographical growth areas, micro research into individual house and land packages is vital.

You will be amazed by the level of detail presented to you for each property option. One thing that all property recommendations will have in common is the potential for high quality, upwardly mobile tenants who desire to live in a new house in a nice area.


06. Understanding tax benefits

Understanding the tax implications of an investment property is a major part of a successful property investment. Working closely with your accountant and bank, your Property Bloke will explain potential tax benefits. This will vary according to individual circumstances but in some cases, less stamp duty will be paid on a house and land package compared to an existing house. Depreciation options will also be attractive for some tax payers. Staged construction development can mean capital growth happens even before the first tenant moves in!

07. Selecting appropriate insurances

Insurances are crucial for an investment property and can help to eliminate the risks that can come with a tenanted property. Landlord Insurance is one of the obvious insurances to have in place and will cover you for damage caused by a tenant or visitor to your property.

Life insurance should always be considered and reviewed by an independent financial planner before entering into a financial commitment. Your Property Bloke will help you to understand and choose the right isurances for your needs.

08. Investment property Management

Ensuring your property is tenanted and managed well will come down to your selection of a professional property manager. It is a crucial partnership. Your property manager will take care of tenant selection, collection of rent and property maintenance. Your Property Bloke has many years of experience with property managers and will educate and guide you with the selection process.

09. Minimising potential risks

Every investment comes with potential risks if not managed and monitored correctly. Your Property Bloke will assist with the management of your investment property from the beginning, through to the purchase and well into the future, helping you to assess the risks and rewards along the way.

The Property Bloke is just a phone call away to maximise the desired result of your financial goals.

10. Forming an exit strategy

It is prudent to have a plan to reap the rewards of your investments. In conjunction with your accountant, your Property Bloke will help you to form a strategy for when you reach retirement or if your circumstances change and you simply want to access your investment returns.

Your personal property investment coach

The Property Bloke is your personal property investment coach - here to educate, empower and guide you through choosing the right investment property.

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